BeagleBone® Comms Cape


What is Comms Cape?

For industrial communication applications, BeagleBone® Comms Cape brings it all. Providing an array of communication protocols, this cape includes one RS485 and one CAN.  Controller Area Network (CAN bus) is a robust bus standard designed to allow devices to directly communicate with each other.  CAN devices can be connected together like a network, each device can communicate with other devices in the node. RS485 is a great communications protocol for applications such as factory and home automation, industrial control and security electronics.  The cape also includes two analog 4–20 mA current loops and two 3A 50V interfaces allowing the control of high current loads.

Board Features
  • RS485
  • CAN
  • 2x 4-20ma current loop inputs
  • 2x 3A 50V sinks for high-current loads