BeagleBone Blue challenge with FLIR Lepton

​FLIR has launched a design challenge for the FLIR Lepton 3 thermal camera and BeagleBone Blue.  ​Submit your project idea for the FLIR challenge by July 21st.  ​​The top 5 ideas will receive a BeagleBone Blue and FLIR Lepton 3: FLIR BeagleBone Blue challenge​ If you’re into robotics then this challenge is for you! The FLIR Lepton […]

Music-Loving BeagleBone Blue

From Inderpreet Singh on Hackaday: Music-Loving BeagleBone Robotic control can get very complicated when multiple actuators need to work in coordination with each other. A simple robotic arm will require each joint to be controlled in sequence to attain a particular position. The BeagleBone Blue comes armed with motor drivers, sensor inputs, and wireless and is built […]

New BeagleBone Debian images published

Jason Kridner writes: Debian 8.7 (Jessie) 2017-03-19 images are now published on, but this version isn’t likely to live more than a few weeks before we push yet another. The big update here is eliminating the need to install drivers for any of Windows, Mac or Linux host users when working over USB networking. […]

BeagleBone Blue at Embedded World (part 2)

BeagleBone Blue video featuring Jason Kridner that was played in our booth at Embedded World: All About Circuits writes about the Blue: BeagleBone Blue for Robotics Applications The BeagleBone Blue is now available. You can learn more about this open source robotics computer and its BeagleBone predecessors here. Video by Shabaz Yousaf of BeagleBone Blue […]

BeagleBone Blue at Embedded World video of the new BeagleBone Blue with Jason Kridner in our Foundation booth at Embedded World: [youtube] Find out more about the new BeagleBone Blue: Meet BeagleBone® Blue. Robots. Fast.