Embedded Computing Design Video Walks Through BeagleBone® AI

Follow along as Brandon Lewis, Editor-in-Chief of Embedded Computing Design walks through the BeagleBone® AI features and benefits.

Brandon Lewis, Editor-in-Chief of Embedded Computing Design recently got his hands on a BeagleBoard.org® BeagleBone® AI. With Brandon’s experience of walking through just about every development board in the industry on his “Dev Kit Weekly” spot, we were excited to hear his feedback and comments on the newest platform for developing applications using Artificial Intelligence.

“These days in computing it’s all about Artificial Intelligence, and in that capacity one of the original open hardware development kit vendors, BeagleBoard.org® has stepped up to the plate with BeagleBone® AI…it packs a TON of processing performance…packed into one chip the TI AM5729 SOC hidden under a heat sink because there is so much going on under the hood.”

Check out Brandon’s short video:

BeagleBone AI “…really gives you all the resources you need to get those AI applications up and running quickly… it’s “An industrial PC grade system in the development kit form factor”

“The BeagleBone® AI is really intended to let you see how you can apply AI in the real world pretty much everywhere around you”.

Brandon Lewis, Embedded Computing Design

Thank you Brandon for reviewing our new BeagleBone® AI. We can’t wait to see what you and other developers build with all this performance and open source capability.