Google Research PRUDAQ cape

Jason Holt of Google announced the PRUDAQ cape yesterday:

Announcing an Open Source ADC board for BeagleBone

We wanted to measure the strength of a carrier. We started with traditional analog circuits — amplifier, filter, envelope detector, threshold. You can see some of our prototypes in the image below; they get pretty messy.


The result is an open source BeagleBone cape we’ve named PRUDAQ. It’s built around the Analog Devices AD9201 ADC, which samples two inputs simultaneously at up to 20 megasamples per second, per channel. Simultaneous sampling and high sample rates make it useful for software-defined radio (SDR) and scientific applications where a built-in ADC isn’t quite up to the task.

The design has been published on GitHub:


GroupGets is offering a group buy for the board:


Google intern Kumar Abhishek added support for PRUDAQ to his Google Summer of Code project BeagleLogic that performs much better than our sample code:

BeagleLogic: now also analog

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