collaborates with Microsoft to simplify Internet of Things (IoT) development

by Jason Kridner

Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT provides quick-start confidence to BeagleBone Black and SeeedStudio BeagleBone Green with pre-tested software and hardware

When developers of Internet-connected device (or “IoT”) solutions are prototyping and deploying their products, they frequently choose BeagleBone Black and the new BeagleBoard-compatible SeeedStudio BeagleBone Green. By adding participation of these two devices in Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT, is now extending the benefits of its proven open hardware and software ecosystem.

Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT“Working with the open community around and their partners is an inspiration,” said Barb Edson, General Manager for Data Platform and Internet of Things, Microsoft. “Everyone in the community of professionals, students and hobbyists innovating around programmable electronics benefits from this collaboration to accelerate IoT prototypes and extend their creations to the world.”

The proven ecosystem is built on a high-performance Texas Instruments Sitara AM335x processor, typically with an open source GNU/Linux Debian distribution, an open hardware design, and with available add-on daughter boards (or “capes”) and enclosures. Get started learning by joining the on-line discussions and stay in touch by subscribing to the newsletter at

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