Calling all GSoC Mentors

We are getting great interest from students this year for Google Summer of Code, but we could use a bit of help from our community getting a great feedback on their proposals. I encourage you to engage with them on #beagle-gsoc and the beagleboard-gsoc mailing list even if you don’t plan to be a mentor, simply to make the proposals better for the community.

If you do plan to be a mentor, you are required to sign-up on Melange and make a connection to the group. I will be contacting prospective mentors to verify their commitment and history of contributions to the community. Don’t be intimidated by that as there are many ways to contribute.

Student applications freeze on March 21, so there is just a bit of time to close with them any ideas you have on making their applications better. Most important to me for approving any proposal will be to have engaged mentors who believe the student’s proposal can be executed and adds value to the community. Approved mentors will provide votes for the proposals to help rank the proposals by April 7.

Weekly IRC meetings on #beagle-gsoc will start this Wednesday at 1PM New York time.

The current GSoC mentors are:

  • Joel Fernandes
  • Alexander Haim
  • Andrew Tridgell
  • Kevin Hester
  • Greg Kroah-Hartman
  • Hunyue Yau
  • Lorenz Meier
  • Matt Ranostay
  • Vlad Victor
  • Vladimir Pantelic
  • Jason Kridner

Students are anxious to make a connection and execute on *your* project ideas, so I hope you will decide to be an active participant in improving what can be done with open source!

Best Regards,
Jason Kridner
GSoC Administrator for