Problems with Google (Groups)

What is up with Google?  We have hundreds of messages waiting moderation on the BeagleBoard Google Group, but the tool no longer enables message moderation—and absolutely no communications from Google.  Have they simply bitten off more than they can chew?  Are they trying to take too much control?  Either way, I’m shopping for a new mailing list solution for and, sorry, 99% of your suggestions aren’t useful.  We need low-setup costs, low/free hosting, long-term archival, excellent search tools and results in various engines, quality spam controls, easy-to-use moderation tools, forum-like thread organization and “top-pinning”, digest and individual e-mails with threading and many more features for which Google Groups has barely been passable at this point.

Any thoughts on why this has happened and if Google will be a valid partner in the future?