in Google Summer of Code! has been listed as one of the accepted mentoring organizations for the Google Summer of Code 2010!!!

Over 365 organizations applied and we are among the 150 lucky Free and Open Source projects that were accepted. About 1,000 students are expected to have their project proposals accepted and Google will be providing US$5,000 to every student and US$500 to the mentoring organization for every successfully completed project. Texas Instruments will be providing BeagleBoard hardware through the Sponsored Projects Program. TinCanTools has offered to provide Zippy boards to students using those in their projects.

Now is the time for mentors (people who would like to assist the students), to sign up on the GSoC2010 site and to update the ideas list. It is also the time for students to get familiar with the project and community before applications begin being accepted on March 29, so be sure to hang out on the #gsoc and #beagle channels on

Spread the good news and bring on the projects!!!