NEON training

One of the most important aspects of the community is that I’m mostly irrelevant. This means that I’m not a bottleneck to the important things that happen in the community. Unfortunately, it also means that I’m also not always in-the-loop on great events coming up that utilize the BeagleBoard® and getting the word out to everyone on-time. Even so, I imagine a lot of you are going to the ARM Techcon3 and can make use of this nice litte bit of hands-on training using the BeagleBoard® that I learned about from Ken Havens:

Turning the NEON Light On (Hands-on Workshop)
Wednesday, Oct 21 3:00pm – 4:30pm
TechMart: San Jose room

Friday, Oct 23 10:00am – 11:30am
TechMart: San Jose room

This seminar will be a hands-on introduction to NEON (the SIMD extension on Cortex-A processors) using Beagleboards running Ubuntu Linux. Attendees should be software engineers with some prior experience of armcc or gcc with an interest in low-level software optimizations.