LinuxTag 2008 winners


And the winners are…

  1. Sebastian Reschke
  2. Harald Krippel
  3. Ramiro Polla
  4. Kate Alhola
  5. Kees Jongenburger
  6. Eugen Dischke
  7. Davor Ocelic
  8. Robert Bohme
  9. Holger Wirtz
  10. Jan Luebbe
  11. Robert Schuster
  12. Florian Boor

Each of the winners has now been contacted and we’re in the process of shipping the boards. My apologies for each of you who applied and were not selected in the drawing. Perhaps, you can possibly take another shot at LugRadio Live UK 2008 July 19-20 or at the soon-to-be-planned big meet-up at LinuxWorld Expo 2008 August 4-7 in San Francisco.

And, for those of you who attended our first meet-up at TIDC 2008 back in February, when we first started this mission, we haven’t forgotten you! Feel free to express your desire for an early adopter board at ‘revb-request’ at and that will let us know you aren’t interested in waiting for the platform to mature any longer.