eXtensible Versatile hypervISOR

Xvisor is an open source bare-metal monolithic hypervisor, which aims towards providing virtualization solution, which is light-weight, portable, and flexible with small memory foot print and less overhead. It is distributed under GNU Public License (GPLv2).

Posted by Angel on 2012-04-25T04:36:19-04:00

Xvisor has most of the features expected from a modern full-fledged hypervisor, such as: Tree based configuration, Tickless and high resolution timekeeping, Wall-clock for tracking real-time, Threading framework, Host device driver framework, CPU virtualization, Address space virtualization, IO device emulation framework, Pass through hardware access, Dynamic guest creation/destruction, Serial port virtualization, and Management terminal

The ARM port of Xvisor (or Xvisor ARM) supports a wide range of ARM processors namely: ARM9 (Boards: VersatilePB), Cortex-A8 (Boards: Realview-PB-A8), OMAP3 (Boards: BeagleBoard-xM), Cortex-A9 (UP) (Boards: Vexpress-A9), Cortex-A15 (UP) Without VE (Boards: Vexpress-A15), and Cortex-A15 (UP) With VE (Boards: Vexpress-A15)

On real hardware specifically BeagleBoard-xM (OMAP3 @ 600 MHz) we get near native CPU performance (i.e. Native Linux 3.0.4 gives 1120 DMIPS whereas Linux 3.0.4 running as guest on Xvisor ARM gives 960 DMIPS)

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