The wiringBone library

Wiring/Arduino style library for BeagleBone Black Platform

Posted by Angel on 2015-08-04T15:48:03-04:00


This library contains almost all the core wiring/arduino functions along with some advanced functions. This library is intended for quick and easy hardware control on the BeagleBone Black platform. All the functions have similar behaviour with the wiring/arduino environment. This library uses the power of ‘beaglebone-universal-io’ device tree overlays to configure the overlay at runtime.


  1. Control 65 GPIO pins for digital input/output.
  2. Generate PWM from total 30 pins (6 pins from PWMSS and 24 pins from PRU_ICSS).
  3. Among 30 PWM pins, 24 pins have optional failsafe feature.
  4. Capture pulse width and time period of incoming pulse train from 26 pins.
  5. Control 4 UART ports .
  6. Control 1 I2C port.
  7. Control 2 SPI ports (experimental).
  8. GPIO and PWM port clean-up at program exit.

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