ViFFF-024 camera for Beagleboard XM

Beagleboard XM, camera, low light CMOS sensor, OpenCV, machine vision, plug and play, Angstrom Linux Distribution,

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ViFFF-024 camera

a camera board, for Beagleboard XM

You plug it – it works! You program it – it delivers!

No more hardware worries with Beagleboard camera boards!

The most sensitive camera board for the Beagleboard XM on the market. A brand new product.

Camera boards and capes for current mass produced dev-boards (Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone, Beagleboard XM) are tricky. Frequently, the camera chips deliver low quality videos (256bits/color) or do not fulfill “frame per second” specifications. The problem is in the lack of ISP or appropriate drivers for it. Frequently, to branch it and to achieve respectable framerate and quality for machine vision applications is problematic.

In our case, you have the best ISP for this class of microporcessor boards – the ISP* of OMAP3, and modern CMOS image sensor with a modern Media Controller V4L2 driver. This allows capture of high quality video images (discretization with 4096 levels of gray/color per pixel, and transfer to the processor at 10-bit format – 1024 levels of gray/color) with possibility to use the advanced properties of the TI OMAP 3 processors ISP*.

Ideal for engineers, scientists, educators, enthusiasts, students. Oriented toward computer vision applications use. Possible product uses: CCTV, NIR photography or helping hyperspectral image anaysis *, for educational purposes, etc.

Ready to work out of the box – no installation difficulties. You are able to develop your C/OpenCV application, from a simple example code. Just plug the camera and the SD card into the Beagle and it functions!

Angstrom Linux distribution in the SD-card, working drivers installed. Ready to use with OpenCV installed on the SD card. Small OpenCV based example program helping to begin your own development effort. You can choose also to use even more advanced properties in the sensor by changing the GPL licensed driver by yourself.

The sensor (known as Aptina MT9V024 or – a variant of MT9V034) is a WVGA (752×480) CMOS 1/3 inch sensor with sensitivity, allowing applications to recognize objects in a video stream even at quarter moon illumination (i.e. 0.1 Lux for 5 fps for the monochrome variant without NIR filter). High dynamic range (> 110 dB), very configurable to an extent where, for most tasks, you don’t need external iris for the 0.1 – 60000 Lux range. It is a very low power consuming device, even for the embedded world.

You can find more at : ViSensi

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