Swift on the Beaglebone Black

Using the Swift programming language on the Beaglebone Black

Posted by Angel on 2016-04-26T23:49:53-04:00

Now that I have completed my three books on Swift (MasteringSwiftMastering Swift 2 and Protocol Oriented Programming with Swift), I told my daughters that I would take a break from writing books for the summer.  My oldest told me that she wanted to start working on robots again.  At the age of ten, She is already a second-degree black belt, and an instructor in Tae Kwon Do so when she says she wants to do do something I generally listen.  So after a little discussion about what she wanted to do, we decided that we would pull out all of the robot parts and start working with our BeagleBone Blacks again.
I had to start off by doing some reading to catch up with everything that has happened over the past year and a half that spent writing.  In my reading I happened to stumble on the iacheived.it site that showed how to install Swift on the BeagleBone Black. I also found the SwiftyGPIO package (control the BeagleBone Black GPIO with Swift) that was featured on IBM’s Swiftpackage library.  So this got me thinking about being able to program our robots with Swift, now that sounds pretty exciting doesn’t it?
You can read the complete post here:  http://myroboticadventure.blogspot.com/2016/04/swift-and-beaglebone-black.html

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