TUD:OS on the Beagleboard

The plan of this Project is port the TUD:OS operating system to the Beagleboard.

Posted by Angel on 2009-06-17T09:01:01-04:00

The TUD:OS operating system is a L4 microkernel based operating system, with good real-time and security properties, developed at the TU Dresden.

Microkernel based

The microkernel approach allows it to to reduce the trusting computing base by running small trusted applications side by side with non-trusted applications, all as unprivileged user mode applications.

Further, it is possible to run real-time applications side-by side with non real-time applications.

Also device driver run in user-mode and thus a crash of a device driver will not lead to an whole system crash and in the best case the driver can be restarted and the system will keep on running.

Familiar Environment

While offering the above mentioned vantages, TUD:OS still offers a familiar environment by the possibility to run one or more instances of L4Linux. L4Linux is a Linux port the Fiasco microkernel which is binary compatible to native Linux but runs in deprivilieged usermode.

What do we get from this project?

Briefly: A fundament to build embedded [realtime] systems [with a exceptionally small trusted computing base].
Further a possibility to run multiple virtualized linux instances on the beagleboard. A good documentation how to build such systems. And last but not least a (hopefully cool 😉 demo showing that it acutally works.
Note: this project is not an official project of the TU-Dresden.

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