Snoopy Copter

The flying Beagle!

Snoopy Copter

Posted by Angel on 2014-04-16T20:24:49-04:00

The Snoopy Copter is an open-source, low cost quadcopter cape designed to integrate with the BeagleBone Black to create a < $200 quadcopter, loaded with nine-axes of data, an altimeter, and a GPS. The quadcopter current flies under remote control, and will eventually support fully autonomous flight.

Check out our Github page for pictures and videos, as well as all of the necessary design files for you to build your own low cost quadcopter!

This project was created by students at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology as a Robotics capstone design project. Though the quadcopter is not currently in production, depending on demand, we may create a kickstarter or begin produing them ourselves.

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