RuneAudio is a free and open source software that turns embedded hardware into Hi-Fi music players. Take a cheap, silent and low-consumption mini-PC and make it perform as an high fidelity digital source.

Posted by Angel on 2013-12-17T22:48:40-05:00

RuneAudio is a free and open source software with a specific objective: to transform an embedded platform (a cheap, silent and low-consumption mini-PC) into an Hi-Fi digital music player. It offers a lot of features and aims to be easy to use, flexible and future-proof.

A RuneAudio device places itself in the heart of a digital music system.

It’s a streamer player: it can reproduce your digital music library from local USB drivers or network mounts (NAS), and also plays any internet stream (web radios).

It’s an headless player: it can be remotely controlled by multiple clients running on different devices.

It’a a digital player, staying at the top of the audio signal flow chain. It offers perfect and gapless playback of common audio formats, and works best when connected to an asynchronous USB 2.0 DAC.

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