The target of this project is to devellop an cheap POS (Point of sale) system. Using the beagleboard to manage all the Hardware.

Posted by Angel on 2011-07-14T23:11:16-04:00

The aim of this project is build cheaper and portable POS System.
First Step : Building the POS system Hardware – Using Beagle Board with touchScreen interface, barcode reader and the box for the money.
Second Step : Install Ubuntu on Beagle Board and all hardware running like a charme. The system should use webserver interface for Mysql Server / and Apache.
Third step : Install the POS Software already made (I already did… Home made) and everything running and communication with Apache and Mysql Server.

Fourth: Possibility running on Battery with autonomy for 10 hours. And set Wireless connectivity- for Portable version.

Fifth : Make the Master system accept connections from other POS stations to interact with the Mysql Tables in the main server – Multi Station POS System.

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