BeagleBone Black 0.96" OLED Display

BeagleBone Black 0.96" OLED Display 128x64 pixels

Posted by Angel on 2014-08-14T16:29:15-04:00

-0.96″ OLED SPI Display (3.3V)

-SPI interface for fast graphics and animations.

-Vin = 3.3V

-display colour is white.

-current draw varies with brightness and pixels lit. The display draws between 8mA – 12mA.

-dimensions are 26.7mm from right to left, 26mm from top to bottom.

-data sheet for the glass is at:

-I’ve had success installing the code onto the latest Angstrom and Debian located here:

I’ve also installed a service on Angstrom only that runs the python script on boot up located here:

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