Motherbone One by APlus Mobile Inc.

MotherBone One is a development platform for complex projects and commercial OEM products using BeagleBone Black.

Posted by Angel on 2014-01-15T23:34:18-05:00

APlus Mobile’s MotherBone One is targeted at BeagleBone Black users that need stable robust I/O and power systems for real-world voltages and conditions.  Enables command and control hardware solutions without extensive hardware development or additional capes.

Features include a wide input range stable power system for automotive and other noisy harsh-environment battery based systems along with external I/O power buffering to eliminate issues with real-world interface voltages and levels on beagleBone I/O pins.

MotherBone One features various Opto Isolated and/or level buffered analog and digital I/O, Solid-state Relays, expanded USB ports, and much more.

Motherbone One is designed to be seamless in the BeagleBone Black default configuration.

MotherBone One uses the industry standard industral 3.5″ motherboard form factor and mounting hole pattern so it can be mounted in any standard computer case for 3.5″ industral motherboards.

APlus Mobile Inc. is an OEM based in the U.S.  APlus Mobile Inc. designs and manufactures various industral computer systems for the commercial and military markets.


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