An open source bare metal runtime system on the BeagleBone Black suitable for a control system.

Posted by Angel on 2015-12-30T16:36:59-05:00

Mother is a bare metal system that demonstrates the use of GPOI, UART, PWM, I2C, MMC, RTC and IRQ (thusfar) in a straightforward manner.  It is like starterware without complexity and interdependancies.  It is written for the Beaglebone Black which was chosen for it’s speed and reasonable documentation.  It was originally written under CCS but I shifted to GNU.  It is a single C program with a collection of drivers, listed above, written in Assembly.  It is currently up and running.  It is freely available for use and is easy to understand and modify.  I hope the community can use it for their projects and possibly write drivers for other peripherals as I have done.  That way we can transform the BeagleBone a full blown bare metal machine!  It will be the fastest and most robust SBC on the market! and

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