Management System for Rental Cottage

Management system for rental cottage.

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Concept :

A monitoring system for people who has accommodations.

Whenever people who have accommodations try to clean their rooms, they have to check whether their customers are in the rooms or not. It is a bad point at the service business. And, besides, their employees who are in charge of cleaning the rooms, can return to their office without cleaning, because of unexpected situations such as the customers are back to their room suddenly, even though the employee checked that a room is empty before they left from their office. It is also one of the bad points. So, if we build this CO2 monitoring system, it can prevent all the people wasting their time.

In the heavy summer, for customers satisfaction, manager and employees usually check status of all the rooms and they have to turn air conditioner on recursively and manually. But this system can support that function with BBG and its grove sensors. This system can monitor temperature of each room and control each air conditioner of the rooms automatically to set fine room temperature.

In order to serve their customer’s convenience and save money by control electrical appliances, this system monitoring status of rooms and control the appliances.


  • temperature,
  • humidity,
  • CO2,
  • IR emitter

Room side :

BBG + temperature sensor / humidity sensor / CO2 sensor


PI +  IR emitter


Management Office side:

BBG + LCD and LED on breadboard as the attached image. Please refer these to see the attached image

  • room green light – There is in human
  • room red light – There is no in human
  • Temperature/humidity green light – optimal condition
  • Temperature/humidity blue light – above reference value
  • Temperature/humidity red light – below reference value


Additional feature:


Management Office can be also monitoring and control by PC monitor.


By Smart phone APP

  • Alarm when rooming and leaving the room.
  • Alarm when it occurred abnormal state of Temperature or humidity.
  • Air-conditioner Control through IR emitter from Smart phone.

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