LoopMaster allows you to create musical melodies or riffs, regardless of skill level or knowledge using "instruments" created in-house.

Categories: Intermediate

is a musical
created by a team of UC Davis
(EEC 105ABC) students.

Three instruments (Drumpad, Computer Vision, and Footpad) work with selections specified in a MATLAB GUI. In tandem, a BeagleBone Black and a Bela Cape are utilized to process user inputs and output different notes. The Drumpad works akin to a traditional MIDI pad, where each of the twelve buttons are mapped to notes that relate to a selection of instruments. The Computer Vision, on the other hand, maps different notes to select areas in a camera’s view and outputs sound when a trigger is visible. The Footpad takes input from a user’s feet and manipulates the sounds created by the Computer Vision and Drumpad.

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