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Open Source Distribution for Open Hardware

Posted by Angel on 2015-07-18T09:10:32-04:00

Hi, 你好 , Shalom, Salam, Salut, Namaste,
This is my first post on this mailing list.
I use Debian for more than a decade.
I use BeagleBoard for a few monthes.
I believe Debian can be an alternative to Android on cell phones because Android is not open-source.
I beleive the future of open source software is related to open hardware.
I hope, in a close future, there will be smartphones based on beagleboard open hardware and that “J’ai l’inux”, based on Debian, will be the distribution with a modified openjdk which will enforce Java libraries to be under GPLv2 (strict without Classpath exception), then disallowing non open source java libraries to be run on this software architecture.

I am working on J’ai l’inux and this modified openjdk. I want to contact BeagleBoard Board of directors in order to develop this strategy in order to develop the best open hardware and software platform enabling users to become real actors of its development.

Best regards,

Christophe Pierre Charles Roux Dosne


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