I think there might be a BeagleV on the Way!

Did you want to change from ARM to RISC-V Processing and did not know how to make the jump? BeagleV!

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Look here:

Well, it looks like
is coming out w/ another board. Do you ever get bored of boards. Did not think so…

So, what is on it or what may change? Good question(s)!

I am in no way affiliated but I have started to gather resources for the day this whole BeagleV comes out of hiding. There are datasheets, a nice site reference, bullet points, and photos galore.

Look at this one:

from beagleboard.org...

I see four, 3.0 USB Hosts. Nice. Ethernet in case you have to install libs. outside of what is available on the up and up. Also, WiFi. Neat. People love WiFi.

Dual DDR4 memory…and…yep. That is a LCD to HDMI thingy.

I wonder what they call those…hmm. I will check on it and make it back to provide more info. on what maybe be called a framer? Yep. I will be back.

USB-C and HDMI 1.4. I will have to read the specs. on the 1.4 edition. Although the lack of pins, well (compared to the 92 on the BBB boards) sort of, is bulging in my face here, you can alter those pins in a makeshift way to hold more than one type of peripheral! Nice!

So, if the default is say, GPIO1_9, then we can always switch to another available technology on the same pin. For real…look at this ‘etcha-sketch’ of a photo w/ ideas, ideas, ideas.

from beagleboard.org...

Can you read that? I can barely make out what it is I am trying to convey here! Well, w/ that small print. Maybe you can click it to enlarge it? Try it!

So, who is RISC-V International? Who is
Who is StarFive and who is Seeed-Studio?

Well, as an outsider here, I can tell you this…

  • RISC-V International has a site for you to learn about them, a
    channel, and they have been in use, their ISA for some time. I think over 10 years… now. I watched some
    videos and they, RISC-V ISAs are not as old as ARM or whatever was around before my time. I read about historical references at times but I am more interested in now and current affairs on chips, instructions, and ideas on how to use ’em and keep ’em for traditional ideas. So, let us get some sites here:



  • Beagleboard.org
    has a site too! I see
    501(c)(n) and (n) here stands for something I was not willing to look up. I know the.org is not just a 501(c). That is why I typed the (n).



Oh, oh, oh…and!


^ = board in question? When will it come out, when will people start to utilize these boards, and when, where, why, for whom, how, and what? Ha.

  • StarFive…I am not sure about this org or business yet. I know some about them b/c of boards that have produced from a
    video from Western Digital. Anyway, I will wait to learn more before I say anything else.

and they have a linkedin account.

  • Seeed-Studio has been around in my life since I first fell for the Motor Bridge Cape, a 5" LCD Cape, and some other boards of interest when they partnered w/
    for a am335x SoC, SiP, and Capes (daughter Cards)!



Whelp, that should do it for now…Oh!

Look at the files for ideas on the other ideas that I have come across…


P.S. Get one but be advised, i.e. I WANT ONE FIRST!

Also, I just came across this nice brief on the BeagleV:

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