Verification and validation for the BeagleBoard

Kozio provides a packaged software solution for in-system hardware verification and diagnostics for board designs using OMAP3 and other processor technologies. Kozio is providing users of the BeagleBoard a full validation solution that is a a standard packaged solution driven by a graphical user interface. Get an interactive guided tour of the OMAP3530 and BeagleBoard hardware enabling you to test your board, drive all signaling and data paths, and program devices.

Posted by Angel on 2010-08-27T21:17:52-04:00

The BeagleBoard processor boots directly from a Secure Digital (SD) card into the kDiagnostics software. Users receive full hardware access within minutes, with zero hardware modifications or additional test equipment. With kDiagnostics, users have the power to explore and understand their BeagleBoard, verify that it is performing properly, and have full access and control of both low-level hardware and high-level functionality in real-time. The kDiagnostics Design Suite isolates faults and easily reproduces results within minutes.

The Kozio solution provides a powerful interface for programming devices on board, including NOR and NAND flash memories, and SD cards. Users can select a file and program it where they want it. They can peek and poke hardware registers, control GPIO lines, access I2C devices, configure power resources, and more by clicking on commands and filling in dialogs. Users can also create scripts of custom commands using any text editor, and the powerful GUI to download and run scripts immediately. These scripts can perform complex control flow such as looping and conditional branching using the rich programming constructs available through the Kozio scripting language.

A free 30-day trial ported directly to the BeagleBoard is available at

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