The Doghouse Cape

The Electronics of Information | The cape that lets you measure your environment without having to worry about the weather.

The Doghouse Cape

Posted by Angel on 2014-04-15T01:09:19-04:00

We are excited to announce the future of environmental data collection, storage and transmission; the Doghouse. The cape accurately measures temperature, pressure, humidity, light, voltage, current and more utilizing sensors and enables control of actuators. The data is then transmitted via the Doghouse’s WiFi and CAN based wired communication to local-only or cloud/IOT based data acquisition infrastructures. The Doghouse cape will come enclosed in a rugged, environmentally sealed, nylon 6/6 enclosure.

The Doghouse Cape Features

– Rugged, environmentally sealed, nylon 6/6 enclosure

– Power, I/O and CAN channels accessible via connector

– 12/24V capable 5V regulator

– TBD analog input channels with protection and filtering circuits

– TBD digital input channels with protection circuitry

– TBD output channels with TBDA high-side drive capability

– Galvanically isolated CAN channel

– WiFi enabled

– TBD-based Linux distribution with WiFi and CAN-based data acquisition and control support

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