Library for embedded real-time Digital Signal Processing / Digital Image Processing algorithms, XDAIS compliant.

Posted by Angel on 2010-03-11T16:09:55-05:00

The dispTEC project aims to provide an open-source software library under the BSD license. The library will contain a collection of algorithms for Digital Signal Processing and Digital Image Processing, specifically designed to run on embedded systems that have DSP acceleration capabilities.

dispTEC stands for Digital Image and Signal Processing library. TEC is the short name Costa Ricans use for their Costa Rica Institute of Technology.

The algorithms are designed to be XDAIS compliant, as a way to ensure support for present and future Texas Instruments’ DSP architectures.

This project starts early 2010 as a collaboration between RidgeRun Engineering, Texas Instruments, and the Electronics Engineering School of the Costa Rica Institute of Technology.

At this time, no source code is yet available, since as a first academic experiment, students are documenting their experiences developing an XDAIS compliant algorithm from scratch, even having their first steps with embedded systems. The deliverables of this experiences are going to be documented here in form of How-To sites, and will serve to design the library fundamentals as well.

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