The Cosmic Board is a richly featured and community-supported development platform for engineers to immediately develop applications with Linux, WinCE & Android.The Cosmic Board concept is unique from any other community-supported board because it's much more than a low cost hobbyist tool. At the center of the Cosmic Board is an industrial rated, production-ready, System on Module (SOM). By starting with a SOM-based solution, developers are much closer to product than they imagine. It's possible to have first article prototypes ready in weeks, not months! Sounds out of this world, doesn't it?

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The core of the COSMIC BOARD is the phyCORE-AM335x SOM. The SOM is soldered directly to the Cosmic I/O base board. This 220 pin SOM interconnect allows interface such as USB OTG, Ethernet, CAN & display. These interfaces from the SOM are routed to the I/O connectors on the COSMIC BOARD. Many more things can be explored and integrated with add-on boards for different interfaces like Wi-Fi/BT, GSM/GPS, various types of LCD’s with Resistive & Capacitive Sensors like Compass,Barometer,Accelerometer, Thermometer,Gyro using PHYTEC Capes or Community Capes of BeagleBone.

The Texas Instruments AM335x family of microprocessors delivers up to 1 GHz high-performance, ultra-low power, and a highly integrated peripheral set. Featuring a Sitara™ ARM® Cortex™-A8 CPU, the AM335x highlights PowerVR™ SGX530 for 2D and 3D graphics acceleration as well as PRU/ICSS supporting real-time protocol standards such as EtherCAT®, PROFINET®, EtherNet/IP, PROFIBUS®, Ethernet Powerlink™ and Sercos

PHYTEC SOMs have been deployed in thousands of systems across a wide variety of industrial verticals like:

 Building Automation              Medical equipment
 Industrial Automation           Military and Aerospace
 Green Computing                Security
 Smart energy system           Fitness equipment
 High-tech farming               TMIand Transportation


 27 years old Embedded Hardware development & Manufacturing German company founded by Mr. Karl Neubecker.
 Has subsidiaries at France, US, India & China.
 Embedded processor Module manufacturers called SOM ( System On  Module) in other words, Embedded Motherboards used directly in Embedded Products.
 Latest processor of ARM (ARM-9, ARM-11,ARM Cortex-A8,Cortex-A9 & Cortex-A15) are used in SOM.
 PHYTEC have its own Manufacturing / Production Unit in Germany
 PHYTEC currently have more than 300 employees together.
 PHYTEC is funding its continuous growth and expanding international presence entirely through its operations.




www.phytec.in || info@phytec.in  || Ph:+91-80-40867046 || Mob: +91-9972039671

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