Real time images for radar and micro air vehicles

A computer-vision platform for micro air vehicles

Posted by Angel on 2009-01-25T00:48:00-05:00

A computer-vision platform for micro air vehicles where:

  1. We can try to process the camera images in realtime on the air buses.
  2. We can use it (with the addition of significant technology )in radar system.

As we know the encode / decode can be done using the C64 digital signal processor (DSP). The data is routed though the C64 for conversion, again freeing up the A8 for other tasks. A variation on this approach is to have the algorithm running(which can be done by using best algo.) on the C64 DSP take advantage of the video hardware accelerator that is part of the OMAP IVA2 macrocell. Using the video hardware accelerator increases the video image size the C64 is able to process in realtime.

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