Bipolar Stepper Motor with BeagleBone Blue

BeagleBone Blue's DC motor drivers can be used to drive bipolar stepper motors too! Pair them up with a little code for open loop control.

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Modify unipolar stepper motor to bipolar

I followed a
blog article
on how to modify this unipolar stepper to be bipolar, because BeagleBone Blue has built-in H-bridges.

Cut the trace in the middle


I used an EduMIP, which has DC motors on M2 and M3, so I grabbed M1 and M4.

I used a wiring housing to line up the wires to the stepper motor header.

  • M1+: Pink (2)
  • M1-: Orange (4)
  • M4+: Yellow (3)
  • M4-: Blue (1)
  • center-tap (unused): Red (5)

Wire M1 to pins 2/4, M4to pins 3/1Find M1 and M4 next to where the EduMIP motors connect


git clone

cd 1da9f20423c2e6c8a954eca1a3e8f7f2



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