A system to control the environment where the bees are kept indoor over the winter.

Posted by Angel on 2014-01-11T23:38:24-05:00

The purpose of this system is to extend the bee breading season in northern
climates so bee colonies nucleus (Bee Nucs) can be offered to the beekeepers
early in the spring at reasonable price so they can replace their bees lost
over the winter.

The system uses Beaglebone black with a specially designed cape. We use GE Telaire T6613/T6615 and MG811 sensors to monitor the CO2 level; DS18B20 sensors to monitor temperature; DH22 sensors to monitor humidity/temperature and Sharp COM-10636 SSR devices to control 120V devices.

The Beaglebone black is connected to the internet; status and stats are uploaded periodically to a web site.

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