The BeagleTick is a stand alone NTP time server that demodulates radio time signals that are broadcast from many locations.

Posted by Angel on 2010-05-29T03:43:54-04:00

A accurate clock is very important for many tasks, NTP servers are used to allow computers on the network to set the correct time.

WWVB time signals are broadcast from Fort Collins CO, the frequency used is 60khz, there are other VLF time signals around the world such as DCF in Germany.

The BeagleTick will control a LF receiver the frequency is adjustable from 40khz to 80khz, which covers the major Time signal broadcast from around the world.

JJY – 40khz – Japan
WWVB – 60khz – USA
DCF – 77.5 KHZ – Germany
RBU- 66.66khz Russia
BPC – 68.5 – China

Once the signal is received the device will demodulate the signal the corrected time is sent to the NTP or SNTP software that is running on the BeagleBoad.

All user settings are controlled from a web interface. Signal strength other variables such as TCXO temp are also stored on a flash card for later analysis.

The remote display is a full color graphic lch which shows the current time, TCXO state, system temp, uptime, current ip address.

If the radio clock fails for any reason the unit will try and sync to a public NTP server. This unit also has 1pps output for syncing other devices which is locked to the TCXO.

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