BeaglePod is a plug-in replacement+ for car stereo's that are IPod Ready. The BeaglePod uses gstreamer as an audio/video player and is controlled via the car stereo head unit using Apple Accessory Protocol.

Posted by Angel on 2009-12-03T23:07:21-05:00

The BeaglePod is an audio/video player for cars equiped with “IPod Ready” stereos. Using the Apple Accessory Protocol the car stereo is used to select and control the playback of media on the BeaglePod.

Adding a video monitor the BeaglePod can also become a video player running all the audio through the car stereo with full pause, play, stop control from the car stero head unit.

Using a software implementation of the Apple Accessory Protocol the BeaglePod is connected to the car stereo via a USB->TTL cable.

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