Expandable Home monitoring and automation system, using Beagleboard as host/server and a collection of sensor/actuator devices based on ATmega 8bit uC.

Posted by Angel on 2010-04-13T20:25:45-04:00

Use the Beagleboard as the central control station (host) of an expandable home monitoring system.

Host features

    • Compact, wall mounted or portable design with touch TFT attached
    • Web access to the monitoring / control application through wifi connection (control and monitor your home anywhere)
    • Sensor alerts, scheduling of actuator activations, access to real-time sensor collection data.
    • Communication with sensor/actuator device via Zigbee RF device

Sensor/actuator features

    • Sensor/actuator device will be 8bit microcontroller based (ATmega family). HW is arduino based, with custom software architecture.
    • This devices are highly customizable and easy to expand, some of the options for an initial device collection could be:


      • electrical plug actuator (TV, lights… turn on/off scheduling)
      • water flood /gas escape detector
      • temperature sensor / heating actuator pair
      • humidity sensor


      • Theft detectors (IR camera based, air pressure change detection…)
      • Water irrigation automation
    • Those devices will be queried and managed by the BeagleBoard driven host, who will rise alerts, activate actuators and read sensors according to configured behaviour by user.

Host application technological options

      • * Linux or Android based
      • * Multiple front-ends
      • i) Touch screen application
      • ii) Web based remote access

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