Beagleboard Windows CE6.0 R3 Board Support Package

A complete Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3 Board Support Package (BSP) specifically for the OMAP3530 based Beagleboard. Developed by Microsoft Gold Partners MPC Data.

Posted by Angel on 2010-04-16T10:29:24-04:00

MPC Data have developed a full Windows Embedded CE6.0 R3 board support package for the Beagleboard based on the TI OMAP3530 EVM sources (latest version 6.12.0). This is available for free in a binary evaluation version which enables the Windows CE 6.0 OS to be evaluated on the Beagleboard. A low cost commercial license is available which provides all the source code and includes getting started support. Time limited evaluation versions of the Windows Embedded (Platform Builder) tools for Visual Studio are available for free from Microsoft and gives you everything you need to get started with development.

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