Beagleboard Carputer

The Beagleboard Carputer aims to create a fully-integrated system that will feature touchscreen LCD, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, GPS Navigation, Phone features, Wifi, Voice recognition, Multimedia entertainment.

Posted by Angel on 2009-11-10T08:13:08-05:00

The Beagleboard Carputer is a general-purpose computer that can be integrated in a automobile. The device will not only provide multimedia and navigation capabilities but also advanced features and connectivity. It is a fully-integrated system that will feature:

-7in touchscreen LCD


-Usb connectivity

-GPS Navigation (and car tracking)

-Phone features

-Wifi (for finding free hotspots on the road)

-Voice recognition (can also command external IO for centralized control for some car features)

-Multimedia entertainment

-Opensource Application Suite to bring your office with you while in your car.

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