BBB MikroBus Cape EEProm Binary File Generator

MikroElektronika mikroBus Cape

Posted by Angel on 2015-07-22T02:55:05-04:00

Out of necessity I wrote a BBB EEProm binary file generator so that I could program the EEProm for the mikroBus cape I recently ordered form MikroElektronica. I’m interested in using the click boards they make and I need to be able to load the EEprom before anything else.

My BBB is connected to my LAN via ethernet and I use BitVise to communicate between my developement platform and the BBB. BitVise also allows for file transfers. So the intent is to run this software on the PC and transfer the data file to the BBB via BitVise. Once moved onto the BBB a script can be written to load the EEProm. This is just the first release of the program. The program layout is tab selectable and pretty much self explanatory.

The spec source for all tables are from the BBB System Reference Manual Rev. C.

At this point I am looking for someone to help beta test the program. I am mainly interested in val/ver of file contents that the program generates.

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