BBB-GVS – A GVS Cape for the Beaglebone Black

GVS Card

BBB-GVS - A GVS Cape for the Beaglebone Black

Posted by Angel on 2014-08-08T01:37:00-04:00


Extensive I/O connections:

  • (5) 5V GPIOs: J14, J15, J26, J27, J28
  • (2) 5V UART connections (auto direction detection): J12, J16
  • (1) 5V I2C bus connections (auto direction detection): J13
  • (1) 5V PWM: J25
  • (4) 5V Timers: J29-J32
  • (1) 3.3V UART: J11
  • (7) 3.3V GPIOs: J9, J10, J17, J19, J20, J21, J22
  • (1) 3.3V SPI_D1: J8
  • (1) 3.3V PWM: J18
  • (7) 1.8V analog GVS connections with analog reference voltage/ground: J1-J7
  • 5V pins are all ESD protected pins with 15 kV of protection
  • Fuses on 5V and 3.3V power protect the Beaglebone from miswired sensors
  • Selectable 5V source (SYS_5V or VDD_5V) – J22
  • Cape configuration EEPROM with address select jumpers J24
  • Beaglebone Black form factor

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