Raspberry Pi 3 And BeagleBone Black for Engineers

Elevate your skill levels in using and programming the Raspberry Pi 3 & BeagleBone Black! The Aim Of This Book Is To Equip You With All The Information And Knowledge You Need To Get Up And Running With Raspberry Pi 3 & BeagleBone Black As Soon As You Take It Out Of The Box… What You’ll Learn In This Book? Comparing Raspberry Pi 3 & BeagleBone Black Raspberry Pi 3 Chapter 1: Introduction – Embedded Systems & The Raspberry Pi Chapter 2: Moving Toward A Smarter Internet – The Internet Of Things Chapter 3: Understanding The Raspberry Pi Versions & Features Chapter 4: Understanding The Raspberry Pi 3 Chapter 5: The Raspberry Pi 3 – Hardware Setup Chapter 6: Operating Systems Required For Raspberry Pi 3 Chapter 7: NOOBS for Raspberry Pi 3 Chapter 8: Connecting The Raspberry Pi 3 Chapter 9: Starting And Programming Raspberry Pi 3 Chapter 10: General Purpose Input Output (GPIO) Chapter 11: Understanding And Accessing Python 3 Programming Using Python 3 Chapter 12: Understanding And Accessing Mathematica Chapter 13: Programming In Mathematica Chapter 14: Accessing Camera In Raspberry Pi 3 Chapter 15: Raspberry Pi 3 – Getting Ahead With IOT Chapter 16: Conclusion – Sculpting Your Career In IOT BeagleBone Black Chapter 1: Introduction to Beaglebone Black Chapter 2: Products and Variants Chapter 3: Features of Beaglebone Black Chapter 4: Debian Chapter 5: Ways of interacting with Beaglebone Chapter 6: Connecting and controlling GPIO Chapter 7: Python Programming for BeagleBone Black Chapter 8: Project using BeagleBone Black This is an exclusive Raspberry Pi 3 & BeagleBone Black User Guide & Programming Guide. Use this book to get ahead in the world of Internet Of Things! Get Started With Raspberry Pi 3 & BeagleBone Black Today!