Inspiring Students in Slovenia: BeagleBone® Blue Based Micromouse

Maze solving robots are one of the most engaging ways to expose teens to engineering, electronics and coding.  At the University of Ljubljana, the oldest and largest university in Slovenia, high school students are doing exciting work with robotic “mice” based on BeagleBone® Blue. We met up at Embedded World 2019 with Rok Vrabic, researcher and lecturer of Mechatronics […]

Using BeagleBone Blue to build an Autopilot Robot (part 1) – Circuit Cellar article

Hi folks! My name is Pedro Bertoleti and I’m a software engineer from Brazil. The October issue of Circuit Cellar’s magazine came out yesterday (9/18/2018), and I’ve written one of the articles of this issue (Title: “Building an Autopilot Robot (part 1)”, page 16). This article shows the groundwork for reliable  speed estimation based in […]

BuddyBot: First robot programmed in Swift

Jon Hoffman created a Swift library for interacting with the GPIO, PWM and Analog pins on the BeagleBone Black: Jon used SwiftyBones to develop BuddyBot, the first robot programmed in the Swift: Learn more about Swift in in Jon’s book: Mastering Swift 3 – Linux Learn to build fast and robust applications on the Linux Platform with Swift

BeagleBone projects by Adam Vadala-Roth

@Adam Vadala-Roth has created a couple BeagleBone projects that others may find useful: Beaglebone Black and Breadboard Plate A 3D printable plate that holds a Beaglebone black compatible board and a breadboard together side by side. Vintage Parallax Robot Restoration Got a neat little Parallax robot from a friend of a friend who passed away. […]

BeagleBone Black project spotlight: BeagleBot

By Natalie Nelms It’s amazing what you can create when you pair a few spare parts lying around and an inventive imagination. In this instance, these ingredients gave birth to BeagleBot – a small test robot for localization algorithms! “After seeing demos of SLAM at home brew robotics society meetings, along with people using Kinects […]

BeagleBoard-xM project spotlight: Fish on Wheels

By Tara Stratton Don’t drink and drive, unless you are the driver of today’s featured Beagle project. That is, unless you are… a fish! Goldfish can now explore the world beyond the limits of the tank with Fish on Wheels, a robotic car from Studio diip, a design shop in the Netherlands. Fish on Wheels […]

BeagleBone Black project spotlight: BBot robot

By Tara Stratton What’s your perfect vacation? Mine involves sitting out by the pool under the sun as people deliver me ice-cold drinks. Andy Gikling seems to have a similar dream, and he figured out a way to live the good life every weekend—by developing the BBot robot! The BBot is an open source, remote-controlled […]