Motor Speed Control using BeagleBone PRU

Greg Raven created this motor speed controller based on a Texas Instruments demonstration project.  His implementation uses RemoteProc and RPMsg framework to connect the PRUs (Programmable Real-time Units) to Linux userspace.  The PRUs are 32-bit RISC processors which offload real-time tasks from Linux running on the ARM processor. The system implements a Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) controller. The controlled […]

PRU Interface to ADC using RemoteProc and RPMsg

Greg R recently posted on the mailing list about a BeagleBone Green project that he’s been working on: PRU Interface to ADC using RemoteProc and RPMsg The project is hosted on GitHub:  Greg-R/pruadc1 The goal of this project is to perform real-time digitization of an analog audio waveform, and then to make the digital data-stream […]