Using the roboRIO with the BeagleBone

Alek Mabry made this tutorial for using the BeagleBone with the roboRIO for FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC): Using the roboRIO with the BeagleBone Supplies Connecting the roboRIO to the BeagleBone Connecting to your BeagleBone UDP on the roboRIO (Java) UDP on the BeagleBone (Python) Be sure to also check out Alek’s previous robotics project: Building a […]

BeagleBone project spotlight: Dirty Dish Detector

By Tara Stratton Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. My family usually runs a turkey trot together, makes and eats great food, and spends the evening playing board games. The one down side of Thanksgiving is all of those dirty dishes! Sometimes I think it takes more time to clean up than we even […]