Working on an Open Source Hardware Project? This is your opportunity to share it at the next Open Source Hardware Summit in March 2020 at New York

The Open Source Hardware Summit (OHS) is inviting talk/demo proposals for the tenth annual summit! To be held on Friday, March 13,2020 at the NYU School of Law The Open Source Hardware Summit is for presenting, discussing, and learning about open hardware of all kinds. The summit examines open hardware applications, practices, and theory, […]

Hackaday’s Open Hardware Summit Experience

Mike Szczys writes about 2017 Open Hardware Summit last week in Denver: Hackaday’s Open Hardware Summit Experience This yearly gathering brings together the people and businesses that hold Open Hardware as an ideal to encourage, grow, and live by. There was a night-before party, the summit itself which is a day full of talks, and this […]

PocketBone designed in KiCad

The PocketBone is an Open Source Hardware design by Michael Welling in KiCad for the Octavo OSD3358 SiP (System-in-Package).  Brian Benchoff wrote about it recently on Hackaday: Hackaday: “An Even Smaller BeagleBone” The BeagleBone famously fits in an Altoids tin. Even though we now have BeagleBone Blacks, Blues, and Greens, the form factor for this curiously strong Linux […]

Open Hardware Summit 2016

Slides from Jason Kridner’s talk at Open Hardware Summit 2016 last Friday in Portland: OHS2016_JasonKridner.pdf [PDF] Recorded video stream of Open Hardware Summit: