BeagleBone Laundry Notification Texter

This project on Digi-Key aims to make domestic life a bit easier: How to Make a BeagleBone-Based Appliance Notification Texter Once a washer or dryer cycle has started, users have to wait up to an hour for them to finish their cycles. Too often, they forget to check in on the appliances so wet clothes sit […]

BeagleBone Black project spotlight: Volumio

What is your go-to activity when you can’t sleep? For some it’s reading a book or counting sheep, but for music and technology enthusiast Michelangelo Guarise, it’s Volumio. Volumio is a free and open-source Linux Audiophile music player for embedded computers that, when paired with the Sitara-processor-powered BeagleBone Black, can transform an entire building into […]

BeagleBone Black project spotlight: Open Sprinkler Beagle (OSBo)

By Tara Stratton Planning to buy a sprinkler timer for your loved ones this holiday season? Have no fear, OpenSprinkler is here! Developed by Ray Wang at Rayshobby LLC, OpenSprinkler Beagle—nicknamed OSBo—was released last week. It is an open-source sprinkler/irrigation extension board for the Sitara-processor-based BeagleBone Black. The board helps you easily develop BeagleBone Black […]