Revolve at Midwest RepRap Fest

Brian Benchoff writes on the Hackaday blog: Turning The Beaglebone On A Chip Into A 3D Printer Controller It’s understood that 3D printers and CNC machines need to control motors, but there are a few other niceties that are always good to have. It would be great if the controller board ran Linux, had support for […]

BeagleMAV 3D-printed Hexacopter

From the DroneLab at the University of California in San Diego: BeagleMAV BeagleMAV is a 3D-printed hexacopter that derives its extremely low weight of 500 grams (1.1 pounds) from its unique monocoque structure that was designed iteratively with modal finite element analysis. The monocoque frame design emphasizes simplicity of assembly and safety of indoor flight. With […]

True Color 3D Printing with BeagleBone and MachineKit

We were very excited to see that the full color Arcus 3D printer by Daren Schwenke at Midwest RepRap Fest is powered by MachineKit on a BeagleBone Black.  Brian Benchoff of Hackaday wrote article about Arcus3D: MRRF 17: True Color 3D Printing 3D printing has evolved to a point where dual extrusion isn’t really that special […]

Midwest RepRap Fest this weekend

We look forward to seeing everyone at the Midwest RepRap Fest this weekend in Goshen, Indiana: The 5th annual Midwest RepRap Festival is taking place March 24-26th 2017 in the same location as last year.  Nestled in the middle of nowhere Indiana, you’ll find the largest gathering of 3D printers and 3D printing enthusiasts anywhere […]

BeagleBone projects by Adam Vadala-Roth

@Adam Vadala-Roth has created a couple BeagleBone projects that others may find useful: Beaglebone Black and Breadboard Plate A 3D printable plate that holds a Beaglebone black compatible board and a breadboard together side by side. Vintage Parallax Robot Restoration Got a neat little Parallax robot from a friend of a friend who passed away. […]

Ember opens the way to 3D printing

Interested in 3D printing or materials development? We all know by now that BeagleBone Black has incredibly precise machine control capabilities. Now, Autodesk® just did a bunch of us a big favor when it recently opened up its Ember high-resolution and small footprint stereolithography (SLA) 3D printer. Ember is already being used to produce castings […]

Project Spotlight: Emmelia – Yocto powered 3D Printer prototype

by Natalie Nelms We’ve all heard about the trend of 3D printing that’s on the rise and breaking into many different industries, from automotive to fashion, Makers have embraced 3D printing on a whole new level and many have presented their creations to the public. At least that’s what maker Robert Berger did. He demonstrated […]

Machinekit Meetup

I just got back from a meetup of Machinekit developers hosted by Tormach, a maker of professional CNC machines. There I got a glimpse into the future of personal CNC machines and 3D printers. Building on the long successful LinuxCNC project, Machinekit has added support for additional platforms, including BeagleBone Black, and additional real-time Linux […]